About vibrant wellness

Vibrant Wellness is a personalized health analytics company founded out of our passion to serve you, your physicians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists.
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The Vibrant Wellness platform provides a tool for you to track and analyze your gut microbiome, leaky gut, wheat sensitivity and food sensitivity.
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Our tool applies sophisticated algorithms and large scientific databases to determine individualized levels for each analyte tested and tracks your profile over time to provide an intuitive representation of the impact of your lifestyle changes.
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Our goal is to bring your health data in your hands so you can work with your nutritionists and physicians to optimize your lifestyle for sustained wellness.
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We believe that our cutting edge individualized analytical platform which encompasses highly multiplexed microarray testing and advanced data analytics algorithm enable us to accurately determine your gut microbiota, leaky gut and wheat sensitivity, food sensitivity,- key aspects to an improved well being.
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Gut Zoomer

It is a microchip-based microbiome exploration service that allows you to look at the populations of bacteria that reside in your gut, from your stool sample. 16S Ribosomal Gene enables us to classify and distinguish bacteria from phylum up to genus level. The Gut Zoomer allows the use of microbiome information to reduce monitor and manage the effects of gut microbial imbalance.
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Cardiax is a testing service that provides you with an understanding of 30 genetic mutations and risks presented that predisposes an individual to various heart conditions. Our work is based on extensive research on curated and peer reviewed journals that are well established in the scientific community.
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Wheat Zoomer

Research estimates that 18 Million Americans have Gluten Sensitivity. That’s 6 times the amount of Americans who have Celiac disease. While gluten sensitivity is well known these days few people know that gluten sensitivity is a sub-group within a much larger group of ‘Wheat Sensitivity’. The Vibrant Wheat Zoomer is geared to test this larger set of individuals who are ‘Wheat Sensitive’.
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Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivities are your body’s response (IgG antibody reactions) to certain foods that occur hours to days after they are consumed. These responses are also called as delayed food reactions. Since food sensitivities are delayed reactions, testing is the only way to determine which foods are responsible for the reaction. Rotation diets can be implemented working with our team of clinical dietitians.

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Privacy and Security

Your privacy is our priority! That’s why we’ve implemented systems that are compliant to HIPAA policies and regulations to ensure that your medical information is safe and secure.