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Cutting Edge Technology
Proprietary 3Dense
microchip technology
platform with Microarrays
and Mass Spectrometry.
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Vibrant Testing is not covered by any Insurance plan including Medicare. All testing are available as a Cash only option and no Superbill or CPT codes will be provided for reimbursement. Patients can choose from Buy Now Pay Later options through Afterpay or Klarna.
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The largest selection of comprehensive, advanced specialty tests to reveal the root of patient symptoms, including:
Micronutrients and food sensitivities
Digestive issues, including wheat and gluten sensitivity
Chronic inflammation triggers
Complete gut and microbiome health
Hormone imbalance
Tickborne, early Lyme disease, and co-infection detection
Toxicity and heavy metals
Explore Vibrant Tests
Results trusted by over 18,000 functional wellness professionals
We’re the leading provider of specialty wellness lab testing because we develop our testing with rigorous, ongoing research by top clinical experts, doctors, and scientists.
The gold standard of accuracy in the lab industry
Our tests run on a proprietary 3Dense microchip technology platform that boasts unrivaled specificity and sensitivity. Additionally, our lab tests measure more markers than competing tests, making them a better value.
How we will help you along the way
Easily find preparation and collection instructions for your lab testing.
One of our Patient Navigators will reach out to you to offer assistance with your blood draw from start to finish.
We'll notify your Provider when your results are ready and they'll share them with you.
Why you'll love our Labs
Our lab tests provide you with a comprehensive assessment of biomarkers to help you identify the root cause of symptoms and set you on a path toward wellness.
Sit back and let our Navigation System guide though the entire lab process.
Vibrant is HIPAA compliant and we do not share or track or sell your data.
We make sample collection easy. Have your blood collected from the comfort of your home or office and make payments securely online.
“Very knowledgeable, efficient, thorough and personable. I walked away with a ton of new information and insights. Thanks so much!”
— Vibrant Patient in Los Angeles, California
“My family has been thrilled with the level of care and service received from Vibrant America.”
— Vibrant Patient in Denver, Colorado
Very helpful and Friendly! such a great experience especially for the first time. they are quick to reply which is also amazing”
— Vibrant Patient in Princeton, NJ
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